The Story

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You approach the cluster of nobles (and one or two not so nobles) that have gathered to hear the herald's proclamation.


“Since the king is old and has no heir, he has declared that the first noble to hold 10 precious gems will be proclaimed ruler of this great land.”

In a bold outburst, you step into the circle of people. “I will be the next king,” you announce.

But the faces of the very nobles that you’ve oft feasted with don’t agree.

And so you find yourselves on the edge of a great feudal war of skill and strategy, of fortifying and attacking, of knights and ninjas.



Interesting choices of actions/responses ensure a high potential for dramatic moments and make Of Knights and Ninjas very replayable.


Every card’s action makes sense in a medieval story setting, guaranteeing simple to learn and easy to remember rules.


Each game lasts an average of 20 minutes, ensuring that you'll want to play another game. and another and another...

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A little bit of luck, and a whole lot of strategy!

On your turn, draw two cards and choose whether to ATTACK another player's kingdom, FORTIFY your own (with a CASTLE or ARCHER), or play a SPECIAL ACTION. When other players attack you, you may play a RESPOND card to reduce the number of gems they steal from you. The first player to own 10 gems wins the game.


# of Players


Minutes to Play

0 and up


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