Toga Tussle

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Two monuments, both alike in dignity, in the fair Parthenon where we lay our scene ... From Ancient Greek break into mutiny…

Rumor has it, that a powerful society consists instead of a balance between sword and wits… between strength and ability... between Spartans and Athenians...

Toga Tussle is a simple deck building game for 2 players. On your turn, you may collect your wages, hire citizens from the agora, and then challenge your rival society in the hopes to "URN" the Victory...

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Of Knights & Ninjas

reached over 400% funding on Kickstarter.

Gem-thirsty dragons, traitorous knights, plundering highwaymen.. Embark on an medieval adventure for 2-6 players that blurs the line between party and strategy...

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About Blue Fox Games

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creative ~ enjoyable ~ memorable

We believe that playing games goes far beyond winning, and should be a creative social experience full of thematic story, interesting choices, and memorable moments.

Each game released by Blue Fox is forged in the creative mind of Josh McBride and given soul by the countless playtesters, collaborators, and talent that left their mark on our games.

Meet the Team


Josh McBride

Game Creator, Designer
Josh McBride is the creative mind and designer of Blue Fox Games. As a kid he used to revamp the rules. Whenever there was a tile floor beneath him, he would move like a chess knight. Nothing much has changed. He just looks sillier now.

Meghan McBride

Secretary, Inspiration
Meghan McBride is Josh's amazing wife, indispensable secretary, and his overall inspiration.

Together, Josh and Meghan serve in the impoverished areas on the coast of Nicaragua with their 4 year-old son and their dogs named War and Peace...


Players, Supporters
Blue Fox Games is brought to life by your anticipation, your ideas, and your horrified gasps when someone turns your king into a traitor.

Thank you for sharing your excitement with your friends and by supporting our Kickstarters.

Feel free to contact me for anything...

I am a people person.